My name is John Carroll DeShazier Jr. and being African-American and growing up in America, sometimes all I had was my imagination which would help me to escape the reality of the world I was living in at the time. They say a picture has a thousand words and to that couldn't be anymore true. Being artist is my obsession and has been since I can remember. What started out as a drawing on notebook paper or just observing the world from an abstract point of view has become my very own business.

J. Carroll Studios has become a small owned business located in middle Georgia with services throughout the United States. My goal is to capture your most important moments in life and ideas and make them memorable. You may just need that special touch added to your photos with my photo editing services. My other services also provide you with audio production and unique designs for promotional opportunities such as poster designs, flyers, business cards, and even announcements and invitations for that special event.